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The Dr. Marvin M. Arnold Memorial Scholarship

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The impetus for the development of the International Apostolic Institute in 1999 - then known as Biblical Apostolic University - came from the late Dr. Marvin M. Arnold (1921-2001). A pioneer in the field of Church History, Dr. Arnold blazed the trail for future generations to see clearly the historicity of the Oneness Pentecostal doctrine which never ceased to be preached since the Day of Pentecost. Read more here about the late Dr. Marvin M. Arnold. 

Established in 2024 the Dr. Marvin M. Arnold Memorial Scholarship is awarded to two applicants per year covering matriculation and diploma fees and up to 25% of course tuitions for a degree path. 

To Apply for a Scholarship


  • Potential students must complete an online application including a brief biography. 

  • A one-time $30 application fee is charged upon a potential student's first application. Should the student seek to transition to a degree program, no further application fee will be charged. 


  • Certificate program students will not pay a matriculation fee. Should a certificate program student seek to transition to a degree program, the standard $300 matriculation fee will be charged at that time. 


  • Tuitions are paid at the beginning of each course with costs ranging from $50-$75 per course.

    • For the 2024 academic year, total certificate program course tuitions will be: 

      • Certificate of Basic Doctrinal Studies: $450​

      • Certificate of Biblical & Church History: $525


  • Upon completion of all requisite coursework, a certificate of completion will be issued at no additional charge. 


  • Any student failing to complete a certificate program within twelve months from the time of purchasing the first course shall be considered in a lapsed status and shall be subject to a $25 reenrollment fee before further coursework will be accepted. 


  • Application and reenrollment fees are non-refundable. 

  • Because tuitions are paid in advance of receiving coursework, tuitions are non-refundable. 

Apply Here

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